July 24, 2013#

I was out in NYC for the past week for a project. As you know, San Francisco does not have a summer, I was happy to have some real summer weather the entire time in NYC – 95F / 300% Humidity

Ryan – Greenwich Village







June 18, 2013#

4am call time may hurt as you sit out of bed, but they give you the best light. I got to shoot for STRAVA, a dream I must say.







February 18, 2013#

Im really happy the way this campaign came out.


December 12, 2012#

7am call time — 19 degrees

I love being able to watch the sunrise.


November 23, 2012#

This past week I was shooting in NYC — wile there, I meet up with an old friend, Collin. Him and his wife just had an edition to the family.


November 9, 2012#

A few shots from a bike race in the streets on San Francisco.

October 30, 2012#

Last week I was out in NYC shooting a project for Google Maps.

Google has started Mapping parks — here are a few shots from the week.

October 19, 2012#

Sometimes we cast the perfect couple — Meet Kevin & Rusty

October 19, 2012#

I was out shooting in the ocean the other week — all to much fun.



August 14, 2012#

this is why I live here… because I’m lucky enought to shoot sights like this.

Alcatraz Island @ 6:10 am — from the Golden Gate Bridge